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M49 MotorwayHave you ever been driving along the motorway, and fancied a nice meal in a relaxed atmosphere? It's late in the day, so you go into the service station. You go to the toilet, and then go into the restaurant and all that's on offer is the days dried up meals that no one else fancies. It's happened to me a few times.

Now don't get me wrong, service stations in the UK are improving although a survey conducted in June 2004 still said they were the worst and most expensive in Europe. However, no one can fault the location of the Annandale Water service station on the M74 or how Oxford services on the M40 proves how nice a service station can look.

Meals from the 3rd party retailers are always freshly prepared. Even I must admit there are times when I'm travelling and I do fancy a nice KFC, and service stations that have a KFC get my custom. However, there are other times when I just fancy a nice meal in a relaxed pub atmosphere.

Moving on to accommodation. The rooms at lodges/motels adjoining the service stations are usually very good. A clean, warm convenient place to stay. However, what do you do if you want to go down to the bar for a relaxing drink and bar meal. What if you want to nip to the local supermarket for some essentials you've forgot (although the shops at service stations are usually well stocked, if a little expensive). Well you can't, unless you get in the car and drive. As soon as you drive, you can't have a drink.

And fuel does still tend to be more expensive at service stations as well. I paid 89.9p per litre when the average price was 81.9p was the average.

Basically you pay for the convenience.

M6 MotorwayHowever, wouldn't it be nice to be able to either plan your meal stops in advance of a journey or use your new internet enabled Pocket PC/Smartphone to find accommodation, pubs/restaurants or even a supermarket near to your currently location on the motorway.

Well now you can with

We hope to provide the user with a choice of a wide range of amenities near motorway junctions ranging from Bed and Breakfasts to Large Hotels, small country pubs to larger chain pubs, small shops to retail parks, along with other amenities as well. The database is growing all the time.

If you know of an establishment I should add to the list, let me know. If you own one, please register (it's free).

In the meantime I hope you'll make use of the website, and visit the establishments listed whenever you can. When visiting an establishment, please mention where you found their details. Word of mouth is a good ally.

And I hope you'll visit again, not just to find more establishments along a journey your making, but to see how much the site has grown.

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